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A collection of Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks and Notions.

Balene Needles by Boye - Click Here

Barker Design by Mike Barker - Click Here

Brittany Birch Needles and Hooks - Click Here

ChiaoGoo Needles - Click Here

Clover Accessories - Click Here

Crochet Hooks by Knitter's Pride - Click Here

Cubics Needles by Knitter's Pride - Click Here

Dreamz Needles by Knitter's Pride - Click Here

Hiya Hiya - Click Here

Hiya Hiya Stainless Steel needles are quickly becoming a Coveted favorite!

Trya Hiya!


JHB Woven Labels - Click Here

KA Bamboo Needles and Notions - Click Here

Karbonz Needles by Knitter's Pride - Click Here

Knitter's Pride Accessories - Click Here

Knitting Needle Sets - Click Here

Nelkin Design Kits - Click Here

Nova Needle Sets by Knitter's Pride - Click Here

Pattern Holders - Click Here

PONY Rosewood Needles - Click Here

Rosewood Needles by Reynolds - Click Here

Susan Bates - Click Here

Collection of Susan Bates Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks and accesory items.


Eucalan - Click Here

Swifts, Ball Winders, Blocking Tools - Click Here

7" Double Point Knitting Needles by Susan Bates - Click Here

Quicksilver - 5 needles per set

Cutters by Clover - Click Here

Needle Felting Tools by Clover - Click Here

Sock Blockers by Knitter's Pride - Click Here

-Perfect tool for blocking wet socks; they dry to the sock shape and size
-In appealing translucent aqua shade acrylic material
-Very sturdy and flexible

TWIST Red Cables by ChiaoGoo - Click Here

Cords sold individually to use with the
Twist Red Lace Interchangeable Sets

Yarn Guide by Clover - Click Here

Helpful when knitting with two or more yarns. One size fits all. Color may vary.

Pony Rosewood Needles - Click Here

Assorted Rosewood Needles from Pony

Accessories by McPorter Farms - Click Here

Digital Row Counters by McPorter Farms - Click Here

Digital Row Counters with a band to use on your finger as you go!

Eucalan - Click Here

Eucalan Delicate No Rinse Wash is perfectly suited to wash a wide variety of items.
Washing: Woolens, including cashmere, can easily be taken care of at home with Eucalan.

Front load machine: set on the rinse and spin cycle. Put Eucalan in the fabric dispenser drawer and then run the cycle.

Top loader: fill machine with desired amount of water, mix in Eucalan and add garments. Gently squeeze water and soap through fibre with your hands and allow to soak for 15 min. Then simply turn the dial to spin and spin the water out.

By hand: simply soak the garment in a basin of water and Eucalan, gently massage with hands and then squeeze excess water out.

Drying: No dryers please!

After washing, squeeze the water out of your garment and then roll it in a clean dry towel to remove excess moisture. Or spin the water out in your washing machine. Then "block" the item on a drying rack or a dry towel. Blocking is simply shaping the garment back into its original shape. Allow to dry away from direct sunlight or heat.

Never put wool in a dryer.

Sock Ruler Junior by Denise Ilmanen - Click Here

The Sock Ruler Junior is an innovative measuring tool for sock knitters that allows the sock to lie flat and ensure accurate measurements. No more messing around with tape measures!
The Sock Ruler Junior comes in two sizes: one for children sizes small and medium and one for infants/babies.

ChiaoGoo Double Point Needles - Click Here

Made from a high grade stainless steel, these 6" and 8" double points have precisely machined and perfectly tapered tips. Each has a smooth satin-sheen finish and the size permanently laser imprinted on each needle. While lightweight and durable, these needles are also 100% recyclable!

Jumbo Needles, Single Point, by Knitter's Pride - Click Here

For those quick projects, here are size 30 mm and 35 mm needles!!